Version 1.0 (New!)

Ever get the sneaking suspicion that your "Documents" folder is plotting against you -- replicating files and increasing in size while you sleep? Well, you're probably paranoid, as we can almost guarantee your "Documents" folder isn't plotting against you. Still, to be on the safe side, feel free to let Dupendous check for you.

Download for Mac OS X

OS X 10.5 or greater

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Download for Win

Windows 2000 or greater

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  • locate potential duplicates by filename or a sophisticated hashing technique
  • size agnostic scanning (2GB files take the same amount of time as a 2K file)
  • highly accurate results
  • fast and user-friendly


  • Find Duplicates -- This button starts the duplicate search.
  • Show Duplicate Groups Only -- Display only groups that contain duplicate items.
  • Group By -- Group files by common name/hash.
  • Act On Results -- Perform one of various actions on files (e.g. Delete, Reveal, etc.)
  • Toggle Info Drawer -- Shows/hides information drawer.