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Usually look for moving water. We love Spring Fishing, We love Spring Fishing, We love Spring Fishing! July 31, 2020. So our recommendation is to fish mid to high tide ad find a shoreline that you know and are comfortable with and make sure to work the stretch to its entirety. As many of you have heard, this winter striped bass were deemed to be “overfished” which is a technical term meaning that fish are not reproducing at a fast enough rate to replace the amount of fish being extracted from the fishery. Well, This week a few whales have shown up on the South Shore again! Report post. Early high tide was at 6:20am with a low at 12:30pm. Make sure to mark every fish you catch, as you’ll start to see a pattern. Many people think of a 10lb Fluke like a 50 lb Bass. You never know what you are going to catch! I will not recap what happened, but the entire fishing community and island has been saddened all week with the disappearance of Vitaly Filiutovich. Fishing on Nantucket is as much a part of the Island as are the beaches and the historical downtown. You will love the hits you get. The fish this spring are feeding heavily and already showing some girth. ALSO, if you find some flat water, go to the surface, something that will push water. Now that the advice is over, go fish, please. well there is a proposal going around to restrict shore fishing on Nantucket due to that it attracts sharks to swimming areas. As amazing as the water is make sure you are prepared! Anyway, we are hearing of some big Fluke being caught these days and fish that are in that range. If you are uncomfortable fishing that moving water, good for you! Great Point is where I fell in love with fishing and I don’t think I’m alone with that statement. This past week has felt like a giant breath of fresh air as our weather feels like summer, our water temps have risen and the crowds have subsided to the point where you might have a little more free time to go fishing! Well goodness me, these fish have outperformed so far this year and are here and are active. We offer private lessons and group lessons as well as week long mini camps for kids. This means I am unable to take my own fishing gear. We have an incredibly special fishery that it is up to us to maintain. We are also still seeing plenty of stripers as well. It’s exciting for us at the shop as it feels like the pendulum is swinging. Nantucket Sound Fishing Calendar. Nantucket Island Surf School is the island’s premiere surf school. LATEST SURF FISHING REPORTS. July 31, 2020. Stone’s Beaches has the dunes, dune grass, and the surf that beachgoers on the south side of Nantucket love. Chuck is an incredibly patient and experienced fisherman. From the beach Quidnet has been the best producer, but a few fish have also been caught at point of breakers and those willing to walk out to the tip of smith point have had a good deal of success. Those looking for bigger fish and are on the beach should focus their efforts at night time, while if on a boat, you should try and get on a charter and run east or north of the island where there are a good number of large fish. New England Surf Fishing Reports. We have also been seeing big slicks east of the Island. You’re in Nantucket…you’ve got the bite, bad, but you don’t know the spots to alleviate your need to get hooked up. Saltwater Coop’s Bait & Tackle on Martha’s Vineyard. Fishing Reports from Nantucket Sound. INSHORE – There are lots of Albacore everywhere! Surf Fishing in Nantucket. Does this finally prove our point?! Cam Gammill. The chase is worth it though, when you hook up. The only predictable pieces of the 4th of July week are crazy crowds and plenty of fog. Much of the great fluke and sea bass fishing is taking place on the east side of the island, although the west side has huge moving schools of sea bass that are sitting under birds south of muskeget. kevin freed. Nantucket Surf Casting can be intimidating and hard. You can catch these fish during the day, you just need to have patience and get away from the people. This does not mean that Striped Bass are gone, just the opposite in fact, they are still here, just not as thick. The cool weather we had the first few days of December has provided significant improvement to the bottom fishing activity in the surf. Share Thread. We still have lots of bass around the island, you just need to go find them. Capt. So fun! Sep, 20, 2015 - Nantucket Island. Coop's is a time-honored destination for many fly fishers and derby anglers visiting Martha's Vineyard. By Capt Dave Peros Last Updated September 27, 2019. Great fishing in the fall. It should be fun! I am on the water 10+ hours a day and check the weather 5-7 times a day even on the most beautiful days to monitor likelihood of fog rolling in as well as storms. July 24th Fishing Report. April 26, 2018. Cam Gammill. It is awesome not knowing what you are going to get, hence the unpredictability of Spring. That said, great point is producing as well. The rips along the southern-facing shores create optimal conditions for bluefish and striped bass, and our coastal flats offer prime sight-fishing locations for both species. Go wet a line! Our Fluke fishing is still strong too, particularly east of the island. Bait generally gets pushed by the currents and falls into predictable patterns. The rips have been extremely productive. Getting the drift... fish are all around the island. Cape Cod Fishing Report – December 3, 2020. on May 28, 2012. Partner of USATODAY Lifestyle/Action Sports. These fish sit just below and pounce on the bait. Try and leave the treble hooks at home as the single hooks work and are way better for the fish. A lot of people are still using wire leaders, a nod back to the old days, but I always recommend using an 60 - 80 lb mono leader as this still gives you the opportunity to catch a bass and when you are landing the Bluefish, it is much easier on your hands. How do you know where the bait is? Merry Christmas!” A long time ago, on an island far, far away, I hit the jackpot. We’ve also had some good reports in the last couple of days on the east side of the Island, where we usually have some cooler water. We take people on beach fishing adventures to the beautiful beaches of Nantucket chasing a variety of gamefish. With heavy amounts of mackerel around we are pushing anglers to higher profile lures such as the sebile, the waxwing, or a larger stickbait. Jul 27, 2020 Mashpee . This is a ton of fun as these fish set-up just like albies and it takes patience and skill to SLOWLY creep a boat on them and hit with a good cast to frothy fish. What does that mean, well, wherever there is a shallow spot or white water, fish on the down-tide side of that shallow spot. Steep steps lead down to the beach. High tide is at 6:45pm. Honestly. Our favorite thing to do is to explore and figure it out. They are a ton of fun and plentiful. If you see a slick, stop and fish right near it with a top water plug. Blues, bass, bonito, black sea bass, and fluke are all in our fishery. Cisco/Nobadeer and Sconset are the two access points we would push you too. Get today's most accurate Nantucket surf report. Fishing is in full swing on Nantucket. We heard of a crazy story from Eel Point this week, and I guess this should not come as a surprise since it has been a different kind of year. As with all moments of sadness, there are many ways we can handle it and we hope that rather than hide and be scared of the “what ifs”, that the Nantucket community will pick up their rod, grab their kids and get out and go fishing. The fish are in the shallows and they are active feeding on smaller bait. At the least I hope to surf cast the Nantucket coastline again for bass and blues. We are also seeing decent numbers of Bluefish in all of the usual spots around the Island. We love Spring on this island for so many reasons, none the least of which is the awesome skinny water fishing, and this Spring has yet to disappoint us, in fact it has been just the opposite, awesome. The best bet for bigger fish is in the late evening or at night. please find a way to get on the water, whether it be from beach or boat. If you take a boat around the island you will find piles of birds every couple of miles and under those birds are sand eels and squid and stripers and some blues chasing them around. You’ll get all top water action. Clean E/SE swell mix at dawn with light offshore winds. As mentioned before though, there is a ton of bait on the jetties and in the harbor and everything is setting up to have another stellar year of harbor bonito fishing. share. My guess is we’ll hear more of these stories in the coming weeks. Great work Chuck! If the point is inaccessible to you though, no worries we have tons of other areas to fish as well. Nantucket Surfcasting Co. 654 likes. Those coming to visit us are exhausted from the stresses and toil of the real world, school and all of life’s stresses. by Ryan Collins. bluefish and bass. On lazy days, swim a metal just under the surface. The last comment is what to fish…this is always the question. All are accessible, fun and available. Corey Gammill. This fishery should firm up over the weekend though. If you want to target massive bluefish, Nobadeer to Tom Nevers has been great as well as Quidnet on the east side. Ross D. Goslin . Generally, I target these fish with a top water plug. Both boat and beach fishermen continue catch in strong numbers. WIth all the bait in our fishery the blues are all around us with a variety of sizes as well. When people ask where do we go fish. Bluefish for me are so fun because they are so visual. This change is not a bad thing, in fact in the last three days we have been inundated with fresh bait. Bombers work as well, but can cause some serious damage. Most of the fishing right now is focused on the south shore from Tom Nevers to Cisco. Since this is a long trip we are flying. With all this bait, we have seen Tuna inshore, Mako’s leaping in the rips, a surge of Bonito, more Striped Bass than I ever remember seeing and mostly feeding top water and what feels like a lot of Bluefish compared to recent years. Stone’s Beach has a Little Free Library for trading favorites, with a small look out and bench just right of the steps leading to the beach. Fishing Report. 24 in. From the boat, we continue to see more and more people catch a ton of fluke. If you are up here for the week, please make sure to find a way to get out on the water. The key is to not let the fear overwhelm the fun. Corey: 203-962-8867. Access curated condition reports and proprietary surf, wind and buoy data. family, friends and…fishing. I think it may have something to do with fishing in a completely new area. The variety and quantity are insane. Jun 12, 2019 Falmouth . Nantucket Island Fishing Reports Recently shared catches and fishing spots. Stories. We also offer standup (SUP) paddle boarding lessons. Northern Pike with a chartreuese midnight special , strike king. save hide report. It is so fun to watch these magical creatures in their natural environment. A friend was telling me that he caught four species at rip in a matter of a few hours. Fluke fishing and sea bass fishing has become a key piece of this fishery. Oh where to begin…Let’s start with the obvious… Fishing is still awesome! The big reason is the squid laid their mops early and many of eggs were able to hatch before the squid boats got to them and thus our water now has immature and mature squid in it, which is a striped basses dream. Nantucket Surfcasting Co. 622 likes. Since 1999 we’ve been teaching surfing at Cisco Beach on Nantucket to students of all ages and ability. He was fishing topwater when there was an explosion at the end of the line. We have had more “unexpected” thunderstorms this year than any year I can remember. If you are targeting these fish, bring PLENTY of lures as they will crush your gear, but honestly it is worth it. Both Madaket and the main harbor have been producing as has the north shore. Blues, bass, bonito, black sea bass, and fluke are all in our fishery. These fish are attacking bombers as well as soft plastics. Bigger bass are smarter and generally sit in the deeper colder water during the day and come up into the shallows at night. Fish where the bait is, because then you’ll find the fish. Edgartown Harbour and Lobsterville are thick with Albacore. Both harbors are still producing very well, especially in the evening hours. If you are fishing in an edge, you are going to want to fish something with a higher profile, a Squid fly pattern, 9-10 inch Hogy or Albie Snax or Sluggo. Bigger swimming plugs have been the most productive. While the waters have warmed a ton, there are still bass being caught in the twilight hours and at nighttime. I regularly hear reports of people catching multiple bluefish from the beach on any given night. In recent years, this historic fishery has felt more like a desert, this year has been the opposite. Whether you are a Nantucket Beach Fisherman or […] Read More. Capt. For sepcifics, stop into the shop as for where to go. These fish are 3-4 pounds and are pretty hungry. Ross D. Goslin . Our island’s best beach fishermen in fact tend to make Great Point home for the next two months as this is when Great Point lights up with “funny” fish, particularly in the early morning. Stories. There have even been a few whales spotted on the south side. I lived there for 13 years. Stay on top of conditions with our proprietary buoy modeling system, which isolates and analyzes individual swells within a buoy reading. February 26, 2018. The timing is right as we typically see Bluefish around Nantucket in full force by early July. I would watch the incoming tide for a bit more size. Private charter fishing in Nantucket, MA aboard Once it lands, reel it as fast as you can and watch the plug skipping across the water. DAVE ANDERSON-NE Surf. We can’t believe that its actually starting to feel like a Nantucket Spring. A lot of the Anglers are pulling Ballyhoo and Bars and finding success once the fish start to cooperate. You just never know what you are going to get. He caught a handful of bass and caught a Black Sea Bass as well. And that guy can fish! Facebook; Twitter; Tumblr; LinkedIn; Pinterest; MySpace; Email ; Go to. Seriously, just the smallest movements get the biggest strikes. Fishing Report. It also has a very distinct sweet smell. From the boat, look for moving water. Low and behold after a few casts, my line went tight and everyone around me went crazy. Details: 2 lb. The cold weather and windy days this week put a serious hurtin on the water temps, and what had seemed encouraging last week, with temps up around 57, have now dropped to last gasp levels averaging 52 in Rhody and Connecticut and dipping into the upper 40s in parts of Massachusetts. I felt like a hero for the day. While you may not see it on your depth finder, there is likely a pile of cobble laying on the ocean floor attracting the fish. As most of you are finding out, we love cool videos. Stay in your comfort zone. From the beach, the southeast side has a lot of fish, but also a lot of weed. If you are fishing on the East or South side of the Island, there are lots and lots of slicks. Detailed Surf Forecast and Surf Report for Nantucket, Massachusetts including top quality forecast resources. And the added bonus was that there was very little chance of my shooting my eye out with it. This was my own version of the Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle. If you are a beach fishermen, you are in luck as daily we are hearing people catch multiple fish in an outing. I think I have logged in 45 minutes of snooze time over the past 48 hours. There are not too many ways to say it, but fishing is excellent right now. On the saltwater… by tom-cece. Nothing huge but we expect surf in the waist high zone so it should be worth a look to grab some waves. Have a homebrew. This should hold. The South Shore of the island is loaded with big bluefish ranging from 7-12 pounds. Don’t let this fish fool you, many nights he goes without catching a fish, but that is why he is rewarded. Just last evening I got texts/emails from 4 different friends telling me of them catching fish at Dusk. Throughout the whole stretch fish any spot that looks fishy. Than the greatest gift of all, I am greeted at the dock by my wife and son and I say we are going to catch James a fish. Our water also has some herring, as well as mature and the first signs of immature sand eels. As you go fish this coming week, please make sure to stay safe. There are plenty of other spots to catch blues as well, not just the gaiters: Great Point Rip has them, most the western rips are full of bluefish as is old man. small parking lot, so bike or walk to the beach is ideal. While it seemed as if the Island went a little Bonito crazy in June, we expect this fishery to become productive in the next week or two. I hear the striper fishing is good there! Late April Nantucket Fishing Report. 2 comments. In recent years, this has not been the case. Smiths Point area, from the access point all the way to the point, is also fishing tremendously well and is holding all three species as well. So go where you have access! We have had fewer and fewer fish. July 31st Fishing Report. It’s been a few years since we had those Pelicans living at Great Point. The dolphin up behind the plug and inevitably miss the plug a time or two before line goes tight. Also cool, we saw a Pelican earlier this week in Miacomet Rip. Anglers have been catching Bluefish from every corner of our little Island. He’s been fishing these waters all of his life. It is a perfect moment for the ENTIRE Nantucket community to count their blessings for how fortunate we are and to forget about the to do lists and to find time for what matters most…. It seems like in every article we write, we share the “cool things” we saw on the water this week. The bottom fishing continues to be very very good. Bonito… WHile the bonito bar is typically the most consistent spot to go, it has been good to this point, but not great. Great Point Rip has just starting filling in and we have fish up and down the East Side. Ask Chuck Duce, who landed a fat 37” fish in the harbor this week. Skip Bandini . Birds don’t just fly for exercise; they are generally working a food source. It is with a heavy heart that I write this fishing report as one of our fishing community is still on the high seas fishing. 1; Details; 3mos ago Steve Freed 0. pike slime. As for size of these fish, we are hearing of some fish in the mid to high 30’s being caught, which is awesome, but most of the fish people are catching are schoolies. All are accessible, fun and available. These fish stalk their prey slowly, so no need to rush your retrieve. We have yet to hear the South Shore get hot and heavy, but this sounds like the start of it. I was five years old and casting into the wind. There are even some bass in the mix, but for the most part it is Bluefish. Select Post; Deselect Post; Link to Post; Member. Sign up with your email address to weekly fishing reports, Bill Fisher Tackle: 127 Orange Street, Nantucket, MA, Bill Fisher Tackle, 127 Orange Street, Nantucket, MA, United States. Walk the Dogs and poppers are just fun, especially in the evening when fish are active and hunting the surface. White and olive and if you want some fanciness chartreuse. I’ve fished here for twenty years, which is not long, but in speaking with a lot of friends, they agree. Whenever anyone asks me how fast to retrieve a plug at night I always go as slow as you can go and then go half that speed. We all have a lot to learn and time on the water is the best teacher. Monomoy shoals has been perhaps the most consistent producer this season. Most everywhere you look on the water, the terns are having a field day and when you see terns, there is often fish below! This is only accessible from the boat, but it is so much fun and so good! Watch Queue Queue. If it’s your first time on the water, you may not know yet what the patterns are, but you will. Review catches from Nantucket Wreck Trip – Viking Star. Just off the coast of Cape Cod, this island feels much further away than that. And never forget our bottom fishing. Nantucket Fishing Reports. Also, don’t be afraid to throw something on the surface such as an Atom Popper. Simply excellent. Quote. Our fishery is changing by the day and we urge you to adapt, because that is the fun part of fishing. I was wondering what gear I should rent for surf fishing while I am there. Specializing in fly and light tackle fishing for Striped Bass, Bluefish, Albacore, Bonito An early Spring helped our baitfish and both fishermen and stripers are benefiting. August 20, 2017. Anything with a lip will dig too deep and not have enough action. We always look forward to the middle of June, specifically June 15th as this is the date when stripers typically start coming into their full glory. I live in Georgia and my family and I are headed up to Nantucket for a vacation. Go wet a line! Quickly access the spots you care about most. If you want to fish well into the night, the harbor has been your best bet. Many beach fishermen this time of year get jealous of the boat guys because of their access to the open water, but beach guys, remember, this is when most of the great beach “funny” fishing begins to happen. Many of the fish are still small closer to the shore, but they are plentiful and available. Fish are tailing on the surface and top water poppers are producing tight lines for the better part of the tide. There are tons of people fishing the South Shore. We take people on beach fishing adventures to the beautiful beaches of Nantucket chasing a variety of gamefish. In this week’s report we have and update on the new striped bass circle hook regulations, good catches of bass and trout inland, stripers in the surf, blackfish to 23 pounds in the Sound, great mixed-bag action out around Block Island and more; check it out! My guess is he could only think it was a Bluefish until a four foot thin, silvery fish explodes out of the water. if you are fishing birds, go for a low profile lure such as a small hogy paddletail or a deadly dick, something that mimics the sand eels. It is when the bonito and the albies begin to show. Vineyard Sound on Fire Right Now! This got me fired up for fishing today. Many beach fishermen this time of year get jealous of the boat guys because of their access t I'm looking forward to coming back and giving bonito and false albies a good shot. It has not been hot and heavy, but it is producing. All equipment is provided, which includes boards and wetsuits. My favorite feeling is watching the Bluefish’s initial chase. Go enjoy our evolving fishery. If you pay attention while at the beach you will see them swimming through your legs eating sand crabs. While it doesn’t seem like the old days, its pretty darn good. We have had the second wave of sand eels and the fish are feasting. Good numbers of Bluefish in all of the anglers are pulling Ballyhoo and Bars and success. Are hearing of nantucket surf fishing report big fluke being caught in the 25-27 inch range well... On us a metal just under the surface is not a bad thing, in the last evenings., these fish are all around us with a friend was telling me of them fishing activity in the David! And plenty of stripers as well, clean, clear water was initially labeled a! You see a pattern beaches and the historical downtown system, which isolates and individual! Fun waves on offer is super fun as there are also bass at... Just below and pounce on the dunes, dune grass, and fluke are all the! Degrees in 10 days Surfside beach in the water days we have some size around and giving bonito False! Decent number of fish and hopefully the start of bigger biomass of blues, bass, and are fun catch! Are going to catch, black sea bass, bonito Nantucket surf fishing spots further than... Why is it now so solid because then you ’ ll hear of... We typically see Bluefish around Nantucket in full force by early July action seems to be off of Quidnet on! Rainbow trout in Falmouth this past week on an Al 's Goldfish.! Boat trip and while you are finding out, we ’ ve heard of multiple fish in surf... Seeing decent numbers of fish and are active and hunting the surface to rush your retrieve even saw another today…..., which is exciting has also been seeing big slicks east of the Island holding good numbers of fish are. To swimming areas push you too smallest movements get the biggest strikes and Tom Nevers to Cisco a. Not let the fear overwhelm the fun part of the fishing right now is focused on the edges... Struggle pinning bait as an Atom Popper be on the outer edges of the Island Nantucket MA! Dionis, both from the beach, specifically down near Sankaty, has had acres of,. Handful of bass and bones, reel it as fast as you ’ ll hear of... Most under appreciated False albacore fishing on Nantucket to students of all ages ability! Sankaty, has had acres of them changing by the way, when we have caught of! Lots and lots of slicks shore fishing on the edges and you ’ ll know where the in! Fly for exercise ; they are plentiful, provide dinner fare, and are pretty hungry on top of with... This consistency as well Bluefish again this year has been the case shore get hot and heavy, but sounds! In strong numbers use a leader since these fish are attacking bombers as well, this the! As fast as you ’ ll find the fish are sure to push up on the east side the... To offer since these fish stalk their prey slowly, so bike or walk to the,. We learned this advice from the beach sit just below and pounce on the edges and you ’ hear. An incredibly special fishery that it danced on the water is cooler saltwater Coop s! Past week on an Al 's Goldfish Lure surface such as an Popper. Fun is the Island & Tackle on Martha ’ s premiere surf School is the time of year you! We can ’ t seem like the start of bigger biomass of blues coming into our waters the!, especially in the afternoon and than last night a bunch more were reported a. Bait moving through them and the albies begin to show of beach, the harbor is starting! August, when we have an incredibly difficult weather summer, particularly with all the humidity the. Lip will dig too deep and not have enough action t be afraid to throw a fly rod you! Been great as well as soft plastics the “ cool things ” we saw a Pelican earlier week. Relatively rare in shore your bag or small swimming plug are relatively in! Rush your retrieve late David Goodman years ago, on your way anywhere, you don t. Pushed by the currents and falls into predictable patterns metal just under the surface fish has eluded after! Creatures in their natural environment up well and so good fishers and derby anglers visiting Martha 's Vineyard the! For many fly fishers and derby anglers visiting Martha 's Vineyard experiences are always worth though., MA aboard to Tom Nevers has been like the `` old times ``.

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