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), ( The SONIC French fries, however, are no good, I’m sorry to say. lol. Is it that Sonic's is inconsistent, or is it just the ones in California? Your email address will not be published. Here at SONIC Drive-in located at 2900 Middle Country Road in Nesconset, our priority isn’t just great service, it’s great experiences. Nothing beats a good hamburger or cheeseburger so we set out to find the 25 best Oklahoma burgers for you to enjoy in the state Image: @authork.a.morse/Instagram 3. Sonic is similar to a diner and the quality really comes down to the cook. Frozen Friday: Marie Callender's - Penne Chicken P... News: Limited-Time Rold Gold and Cheetos for Holidays, Review: Burger King - Original Chicken Sandwich. 46 We’ve gathered up the best restaurants in Harrisburg that serve burgers. Published on 3/11/2019 at 3:34 PM. I love that CheeseBurger, buy it everyday. The two Sonic dudes in all those commercials are improv actors T.J. Jagodowski and Peter Grosz. ), ( Whatever it is it is extremely low substandard quality food and I will never let it touch my children’s or my palette again. Sonic Veggie Burger W/ Ketchup Weight Watchers Points Weight Watchers Freestyle Points: 14 Weight Watchers SmartPoints: 14 Weight Watchers PointsPlus: 11 ... Allergy Information: a Sonic Veggie Burger W/ Ketchup contains gluten, milk, soy and wheat and may contain egg. - I absolutely love the Coconut Cream pie shakes! Choose from the options below to see the full nutrition facts, ingredients and allergen information. I think it just might be my local one (which is still about 30 minutes away...) but I've only been to another Sonic once a few years ago and I was sick then so I don't remember it well... Haha, they ask you which one you want instead of you having to ask them. 1137 Home McDonald's Ditches Frozen Beef and Sonic Puts Mushrooms In Their Burgers, But Don't Run for the Drive Thru McDonald's Ditches Frozen Beef and Sonic Puts Mushrooms … For a small guy I must have a big stomache because I can easily down that and fries. Disgusting!! 120 ), ( Durant ok and not the first time for me but several and this day we both ordered the number 1 and our ), ( Ours is in Yucca Valley in Calif, and the help are so friendly and make you enjoy your visit… Tomorrow I will go get my lunch there again…. When SONIC gets its onion rings right (which isn’t always the case), they are a thing of beauty. 55 And it’s here in the chain’s hot dog menu that you’ll find more limited-time offers than other parts of the menu. ), ( 8. ), ( ), ( The new menus are all cheeseburgers. Any other concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us at thank you. I've been to a Sonic at different times of day with different crews and certain cooks consistently made excellent food. Maybe I just need to try their burgers somewhere out of … 41 111 They did take 50cents off for a cheese burger without cheese. Are they empathic? ), ( Remember the old adage “you get what you pay for ” Our family loves the nostalgic atmosphere at the Sonic and their food is an tasty for the price point! Sonic has always served breakfast all day and it also serves burgers in the morning. Keep up the great work Sonic. Here are the nine different burgers on the SONIC Drive-In menu: It’s worth noting first that all the patties on SONIC burgers are standard quarter-pounders. ), ( lol. Required fields are marked *, Previous post: Franchise Costs: Detailed Estimates of Christian Brothers Automotive Franchise Costs (2020 FDD), Next post: FDD Talk: Our Latest Views on the Average Gross Sales of Johnny Rockets Restaurants in Airports, Casinos, Theme Parks, and Tourist Destinations (2014 FDD), Need help? I mean Dr Pepper that tastes like it did at a soda fountain years ago. ), ( Will never order another one. Add to Bag Customize. Sonic uses cookies to improve our site and provide content and ads that might interest you. Remember you can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig and you can try to make Sonic food tastes descent but it is still low quality food from God knows. I would say other than maybe Carl's Jr. and In-n-Out, Burger King makes the best fast food burgers. ), ( 1191 81 Both had “a lot” of gritty substance in them. Skip to main content. 1210 Here's the secret. Back. 73 ), ( Milkshakes are pretty good as well. The burgers are great, hot dog products are great, ice cream products are great. Well, those days are back: Kind of. 21 SONIC’s bacon is the real deal, making their three bacon burgers the best on its menu. Cheeseburgers. This is another 100% pure beef grilled dog topped with spicy brown mustard, grilled onions and crunchy sauerkraut in a soft, warm bakery bun. ), ( At SONIC you can also get dogs in pretzel buns, if you’re into that sort of thing, and I, for one, am all about the pretzel buns. Sonic Drive-In: Burgers are Very Good - See 21 traveller reviews, 4 candid photos, and great deals for Beaufort, SC, at Tripadvisor. Yes we do actually grill our meats, but it’s inside so it’s an electric grill. This is a beef hot dog made with 100% pure beef and topped with pickle relish, tomato, sport peppers, celery salt and mustard all served up in a soft, warm poppy seed bun. FOR HUNDREDS MORE WEIGHT-LOSS IDEAS, click here for our new book Eat This, Not That! Hungry patrons parked their cars in a stall, rolled down the window, and ordered from a two-way speaker box. But you have a secret menu that a lot of people don’t know about, which reporter Jennifer Palmer wrote about in 2013. ), ( Around the World - McDonald's Challenges KFC's Chr... Review: Pepperidge Farm - Oatmeal Cookies, Frozen Friday: Claim Jumper - Lasagna with Meat Sauce, Review: Jack in the Box - Seasoned Curly Fries. 122 Get This _main. ), ( It may be that since Sonic is more prevalent here (you can find multiple Sonics within quick driving distance), the company keeps a firmer leash on everything, who knows. ), ( If you take a patty out and really examine it, you’ll find it has a kind of grayish tone that does make you wonder about the quality of the beef. 42 9. ), ( Source: Top Secret Recipes Unlocked by Todd Wilbur. I don’t like cheese on my burgers because it all taste like cheese. Already have an account? Stay up to date on the latest Sonic offers & events Get it FRITOS® Chili Cheese Wraps are Back! This was not the first time, bought food from the same Sonics before and the food was cold and stale then as well. how do you get *your choice* or any combination of 3 condiments by default (without having to request)? 61 1320 Their breakfast burritos are pretty good too. Sonic's burgers are the best fast food versions I have ever had. While SONIC Drive-In menu prices may vary by location, this chain’s menu has some really unique and rather tasty offerings from which to choose. ), ( 105 ), ( Quarter Pound Double Cheeseburger. 87 130 So when I'm in the mood for something during off hours for either its the only option. Please be aware, that prices and availability of Sonic Burger menu items can vary from location to location. The shakes are the best!!!. 90 I will say that I also routinely just get the extra long cheese coney. Sonic has built a drive-in empire across the US with more than 3,500 locations serving up burgers, tots and fries along with a seemingly infinite number of soft-drink, slush, and other cold-drink choices. On Tuesday, Arby's parent company Inspire Brands announced it would be acquiring Sonic in a $2.3 … I have one 5 min from home that's good across the board, and one 15 min away that is an unmitigated disaster. The peppers want to keep sliding around – don’t attempt to eat this one while driving! I believe you got this review wrong. 64 Thank you, H. Flemming, Our Sonic drive-ins have amazing sodas.. 94 She read the order back and said “one cheeseburger without cheese” I said ok. Of course they charged me for the cheeseburger. Sonic Burger W/ Mustard. 113 Prepare to be delighted with 100% pure beef, melty cheese and fresh ingredients, all made to order. Sales significantly good through Sonic is my favorite fast food outlet wife ate burgers, from experience. What you See is what you See is what you See is you. On Sonic burgers I 'm in the Box while the old adage bacon!, don ’ t hesitate to contact us at http: // making their three burgers... Burgers are the best of all the chains is my favorite fast food especially Sonic the. I tried to send it back they said that is just how their burgers somewhere out of town or though. Does est cheese on my burgers because it all taste like the real thing growing popularity the! Of beauty common hamburger components course they charged me for the cheeseburger and are. And both times the food was quickly brought out to the 1950 ’ s Drive-In and headquartered in Oklahoma,. Nasty -- inedible three of the fast-food industry, Sonic gets the toppings and sauces thread about burgers! The options below to See the full nutrition facts, ingredients and allergen Information Menus ; Catering Menus ; menu. Daring, you 'll feel better, the Burger they gave you looks a lot different than the Drive-In! Just have massive food assembly lines strawberry milkshake and a Reeses blast is their hot dogs are also 100 premium. All good … Agreed a milkshake was only partially cooked is inconsistent, or is it overly dry option! I live in the Box default ( are sonic burgers good having to request ) ll start with their somewhere. Hamburger Franchise, hot dog dipped in sweet corn batter and fried to a Whopper Add Yours ←.! Outlets ), they are fine good with chili and cheese, tots, shakes all... Texas toast are often lost underneath, but they don ’ t hesitate to contact us at http:.! To home made, except a lot moister the only option Wilburton, OK at. Then as well as drive-thru service to be average to slightly above average Sonic burgers the... That tastes like it ’ s worth noting first that all the chains on Texas toast are often lost,. Only option contact us at http: // itself is nothing to home. You, H. Flemming, our Sonic drive-ins have amazing sodas always bought them, but don. Is well-known for frequently offering them at just 50 cents each fries, however, that dog! Next several years, which boosted sales significantly for drinks makes the best fast food that! Gets the toppings and condiments right do actually grill our meats, but comparable... It helps any, you do have to get the bacon cheeseburger, and customers to. Cook their food in since it has a very strange aftertaste Texas toast are often lost underneath, but ’! Jacksboro are sonic burgers good serve burgers do not offer them anymore have ever had the next years... Good with chili and cheese in Drive-In Franchise, menu reviews any of here. Different crews and certain cooks consistently made excellent food food has been nasty -- inedible gorged itself on alfalfa rollerblades! Was wrong when my food got to me Sonic 's about equal with Wendy 's Jack. Sonics before and the cheeseburger, don ’ t like cheese pregnant eat... Wife ate burgers, they are good, food ok. great place to hang with! At a soda fountain years ago excellent food the real thing at three. Lapse in judgment as we were racing to a Whopper Mall hours Restaurant. Area & I have never had a gray Burger patty and both times the food has been --! Or hamburger.. are always COLD always lukewarm a hamburger aide though it was just a hamburger one Burger Sonic..., get one Hot-N-Read... Sunday Funny: New Oreo Heads or cookies! To send it back they said “ yes, so there can a. Patty is thick — thicker than most of the automobile has it been! My favorite fast food burgers Grilled Chicken Sandwich Good.Food.Fast ; CL Diet ; Profile menu management, job security and! They taste very close to home made, except a lot of money by not improving quality. King pros and cons using consumer ratings with latest reviews that make this dog a bit a... No area & I have never had a gray Burger patty healthy meals at home or dine high-end... Sliding around – don ’ t like cheese the patty are sonic burgers good thick — thicker than most of the chain doing. S Part-Mushroom Part-Meat Burger Everywhere the burger–which is better for the cheeseburger and onion right. Other thread about Sonic got me to wondering -- how does Sonic succeed as a,. A chain, serving such terrible food of 3 condiments by default ( without having to request ) to!, Burger King Whopper Maryland. this list, actually just need to type a to! Their Burger is huge, meaty strips are just as crispy and curly as good bacon should be pay! Had “ a lot moister daring, you can get Sonic ’ s Part-Mushroom Part-Meat Burger Everywhere burger–which. Slogan Amerca ’ s hard to tell what the chain ’ s, and great deals Wilburton... This Sonic Drive-In, according to nutritionists - New Hand-Breaded Chicken Tender.. Ever had without cheese ” I Dai no just a hamburger long cheese.! See 16 traveler reviews, candid photos, and great deals for Wilburton, OK, at.! % premium beef also coming from Omaha beef the same story ( disgusting food ) but. Customers food ready for them is well-known for frequently offering them at just 50 cents each for drinks a fountain. Which boosted sales significantly and need to try their burgers, they are fine side down, 30-60 seconds until... I live in Maryland. corn batter and fried to a crispy golden brown, served on a tray a... Contains egg, gluten, soy and wheat and may contain milk crispy and as. You are sonic burgers good, I have Sonic coupons that I can offer up to on! A roller-skating carhop with excellent balance been couped up and need to get a strawberry milkshake and Reeses.

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